Fast, But Not Inferior: The Best Mexican Fast Food Franchises

30 - 09 - 2022
Clarke Merrell

Hungry for an opportunity that checks all the boxes when it comes to Mexican fast food franchises? We’ve got you covered – like the cheesy, gooey, delicious, excellent kind of covered.

Americans Love Fast Food

This is not groundbreaking news. If you live here, you see it everywhere, practically on every corner. 37% of Americans eat fast food every day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (That should seem mind blowing, but again…see last sentence regarding food on every corner.)

We are a country of convenience filled with people who need instant gratification. When the craving hits, we want our taste buds lit up NOW, and often, fast food is the quickest way to make that happen. Most people can hit the drive-thru faster than they can order online and receive a delivery. (Take that pizza man!)

Here are some impressive – and weird – fast food statistics:

REALLY NUTTY FACT/SAGA OF INTEREST: Earlier this year, one of the nation’s most well-known Mexican fast food franchises (we won’t name them, but this story might ring a BELL) was sued because the meat they used didn’t seem beefy enough to be called meat.

WHAT?? Apparently, the beef in question contained so many oats and other fillers, that the plaintiff didn’t think it met USDA standards for the definition of BEEF.

Well, the case has just been thrown out of court, but the fact that a case like that was even filed, leaves us wondering why anyone would question if meat is meat.

Real Food

Here at Dank, our customers would never even think to question whether our beef is beef. Or our pork is pork. Or our tomatoes are real. You get the point. Even though Dank Burrito doesn’t offer a Mexican fast food franchise opportunity, it does offer a Mexican food franchise that’s fast.  Our gig will make you feel far superior than other fast food joints, even though looking down on others is SO NOT OUR JAM.

We are confident, however, because we offer a chef-inspired menu with flavor bombs to crush cravings, served up quick, hot, and delicious, to meet the demand of Americans who want awesome food NOW.

You’ve heard us tell the tale.

We’re Dank Burrito Franchise — an edgy, urban world of bold colors, banging music, and in-your-face graffiti. Our burritos, bowls and tacos have unique and super-craveable flavors, inspired by the most addicting street foods around the world.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Wait – don’t do that. (Smoking is bad for you unless you’re smoking pounds and pounds of fall off the bone, tender, REAL meaty deliciousness.)

Mexican Marvelousness

We have noted before that 238 million U.S. households eat Mexican food and use Mexican food ingredients. That’s good news for us, and for you too when you join the Dank Burrito franchise network.

Our chefs are culinary experts who take our food very seriously, which is why every bite is a fresh, explosion of flavor not found anywhere else.

What About the Other Stuff?

If you are in the market for a Mexican food franchise, and have stumbled upon us in all our Dankness, let us tell you that it’s going to be the best stumble you’ve ever taken. Like we said earlier, and it’s super important to repeat, we aren’t a fast food franchise, we’re better – but we serve a similar demographic, which is why you should check us out.

You probably want to know what else you get for your hard-earned moulah when you invest in our brand (besides flavor-tastic food combinations so good you’ll cry). This is the second most awesome thing we excel at. Let’s break it down.

You are never going to feel more supported in business than you will feel with us beside you at Dank Burrito. The cool thing about franchising is you can be in business for yourself, but never be by yourself. We’ve got your back from the minute you join us and throughout the life of your business.

Leverage all our Dankness:

  •       Dedicated, experienced leadership committed to supporting you in every way we can
  •       A recognizable brand to leverage in your community
  •       Dank Nation in place! That means you have a social media following already in existence that you can leverage as you introduce Dank Burrito to your own little part of the nation
  •       Initial and ongoing training – you’re going to feel cool and confident once we show you the ropes
  •       Comprehensive documentation as a resource for daily operations, recipes, tech questions and more
  •       Marketing guidance to show you how to get and keep the word out – though the Dank Nation does a lot of heavy lifting for you
  •       And so much more (but this is a blog, not a novel)

Call Us, Already

If you’re waiting for some sign from the universe to contact us and learn more. Stop that. If you are serious about investing in a Mexican fast food franchise, then you should reach out to us at Dank. There’s never been a better time to talk with us about what is possible with the Dank Burrito franchise opportunity.

Dank Burrito Founder Clarke Merrell

Clarke Merrell is the Executive Chef and Owner of several restaurants in North Carolina, including Dank Burrito Franchise, Circa 81 Tapas & Cockatileria, Beaufort Olive Oil Company, and Merrell Estate & Gardens.

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