5 of the Dankest Reasons You Should Be Exploring a Fast Casual Restaurant

11 - 06 - 2023
Clarke Merrell
As much as we love to talk about ourselves, we get just as amped talking about the industry in which we belong. The fast-casual restaurant industry is exciting, growing, diverse, and super-hot right now, which we dig to be a part of. You can be a part of it too. We can make that happen for you!

Dank Reason #1: Resilience

Fast-casual restaurant concepts blew through the pandemic with the agility of an aerial acrobat. People still wanted to eat, so fast-casual concepts began curbside pick-up services and made deliveries happen any way they could, whether by hiring drivers or entering into agreements with third-party delivery services. At Dank, we were way ahead of the curve. We had just implemented our own branded online platform before the pandemic. That set us up for crazy-good success. We broke all previous sales records during the pandemic! We’ve continued to break records every year since. So, we were solid when everyone else was pivoting on the spot. However, we learned that these kinds of accommodations for customers are here to stay.

Dank Reason #2: Growth

Below are some of our record-breaking numbers:

  • Globally, fast-casual establishments did 189.7 billion in business in 2022.
  • The market is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.5% in the forecast period of 2023-2028.
  • Forecasted to reach a value of around USD 364.52 billion by 2028.
  • The U.S. market is set to grow by $55 billion annually

Dank Reason #3 Franchise Opportunities

There are fast-casual restaurant concepts everywhere. If you have an idea for one, you could invest in a startup and go for it. Just know going in that “it ain’t easy.” Luckily, there are fast casual franchise opportunities aplenty, and they might be a safer bet for first-timers. With a franchise model, you are literally handed a blueprint and guided through bringing your dream of restaurant ownership to fruition fairly promptly. As a franchisee, you get support from your brand and protection from the Federal Trade Commission because the government regulates the franchising industry (that’s a good thing for both franchisees and franchisors).

Dank Reason #4: Food and Experiences

With a fast-casual restaurant franchise, you get to give the people what they want! In our case, we give to our Dank Nation. Millennials and Gen Z are major contributors to the growth of the fast-casual industry. They care about things like fresh ingredients that are sustainably sourced, and they want going out to eat to be an experience, not just something to grab and go. Millennials and Gen Z are interested in experiencing multiple cultures through food. That’s one of the reasons why Dank Burrito does so well as a fast-casual restaurant franchise, we flavor-bomb the heck out of everything we make by blending ingredients from various cultures into our food.

Dank Reason #5: Instagram and Social Media

A cool fast casual franchise won’t have to worry about a gargantuan marketing budget. Word-of-mouth marketing: Our fans love taking pictures of our bold, eclectic restaurants and fresh-to-death food. Why do they do that? So they can share them on Instagram! The right fast casual franchise opportunity will give you ample opportunities to please the masses and watch them take your brand viral.

The bottom line is that the fast-casual restaurant industry is on full blast. If you are considering investing in a franchise, this would be an optimal time. All five of the above Dank reasons to explore a fast-casual restaurant franchise are reflected in our awesomely Dank franchise concept. If you are out exploring your options, we invite you to look at what we offer.

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Clarke Merrell is the Executive Chef and Owner of several restaurants in North Carolina, including Dank Burrito Franchise, Circa 81 Tapas & Cockatileria, Beaufort Olive Oil Company, and Merrell Estate & Gardens.

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