How to Choose the Right Multi-Unit Franchise

24 - 09 - 2023
Clarke Merrell

Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur, an existing business owner eyeing multi-unit expansion, or even a seasoned investor, becoming a multi-unit franchisee can be a great way to scale your business operations.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about navigating multi-unit franchise ownership. So, let’s dive in!

A multi-unit franchise allows you to operate more than one unit of the same brand within a specified area. Unlike single-unit franchises, where you own just one outlet, the multi-unit franchise model enables you to scale your business by running multiple units across multiple locations. This is standard in the fast food, retail, and services industries.

Finding Your Perfect Match in Multi-Unit Franchises

Taking the multi-unit franchising route is a big deal. It’s not just about scaling—it’s about aligning this move with your long-term objectives to ensure a successful and fulfilling multi-unit operator journey.

Initial Steps for All Owners

  • First, evaluate your readiness for multi-unit management regarding skills, time, and financial resources. Utilize self-assessment tools and financial calculators to gauge your preparedness.
  • Stick to what you already know and consider industry trends and consumer demand. If your existing franchise is doing well, expanding within the same growing industry can offer better collaboration and returns.
  • Being a multi-unit franchise owner requires a substantial investment. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the financial commitments and long-term goals. Explore financing options like loans, grants, or venture capital to secure the necessary funds.
  • Consult a franchise attorney to understand the nuances of multi-unit agreements, which can be more complex than single-unit contracts.

Research Phase

  • Speak to both single and multi-unit franchisees. Their experiences can provide different perspectives that are invaluable in decision-making.
  • Visit existing units of the franchise you’re considering. This will give you a firsthand feel of operations and customer engagement. Pay attention to customer volume, staff behavior, and overall atmosphere.
  • Consider hiring or consulting with industry experts like accountants and business consultants, especially if you’re new to multi-unit franchising.
  • Look into the FDD will give you a comprehensive franchise overview, including fees, support, and legal obligations. This document is crucial for everyone.


  • Use existing data and the FDD to project potential earnings if available. New owners should be conservative in their estimates.
  • Ensure that the franchisor offers adequate training and operational support. Look for comprehensive training programs covering initial setup and ongoing management, especially if you’re new to the franchise systems.
  • Confirm that you have exclusive territorial rights to your chosen locations and conduct location-specific market research to prevent internal competition.
  • Understand your competition if you’re entering a saturated market. Conduct a risk assessment to evaluate market saturation and economic variables.

Final Steps

  • Both new and existing owners should negotiate terms. Leverage your experience, if any, to secure favorable conditions that protect your interests.
  • Go through all the documents, financial projections, and legal terms to ensure you’re comfortable with every agreement aspect. Consider your exit strategy and understand any buy-back options or termination clauses.
  • Once satisfied, sign the franchise agreement. This significant step deserves a small celebration but is also the beginning of a new journey.

Ongoing Management

  • Consistency is key in multi-unit franchising. Regularly audit your units using key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure all meet the franchisor’s standards.
  • Stay in touch with other franchisees and attend franchisor events to keep learning and improving. Seek ongoing support and updates from the franchisor to stay competitive.
  • Periodically assess the performance of each unit and the franchise as a whole. Be prepared to adapt your business strategy based on these assessments.

Advantages of Fast-Casual Dining for Multi-Unit Franchising

As you navigate the complexities of multi-unit franchising, one sector stands out for its undeniable growth prospects and consumer appeal: fast-casual dining. From industry newcomers to veteran investors, the fast-casual dining sector presents an opportunity you can’t afford to ignore. Here’s why:

  • Technavio’s research indicates a staggering growth of $186 billion in the global fast-casual market from 2021 to 2026.
  • According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, an astounding 85 million Americans eat fast food each day, indicating a massive and consistent customer base.
  • According to an Incisive study, 40% of fast-casual customers prefer online ordering, opening up additional revenue streams.
  • According to a Deloitte Study, consumers order most often from quick-service restaurants (QSRs) at 62.6%, followed closely by fast-casual restaurants at 52%.

This sector aligns with current consumer trends and offers a business model ripe for growth, making it an ideal choice for anyone considering multi-unit franchising.

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Dank Burrito for Multi-Unit Franchising Opportunity

Ready to spice up your franchising journey? Dank Burrito is more than just a restaurant; it’s a brand that promises an explosion of flavors and a unique dining experience. Here’s why you should consider Dank Burrito for your multi-unit franchising venture:

  • Unbeatable Flavor Profile: Inspired by global street foods, Dank Burrito offers a delicious and unique menu. 72% of millennials eat between two and three burritos weekly, showcasing the brand’s immense popularity.
  • Quality That Speaks: Dank Burrito uses fresh, hand-prepped ingredients daily. This focus on quality doesn’t just satisfy customers; it keeps them returning for more.
  • Financial Upside: With a total investment ranging from $314,733 to $755,450 and an original location sales figure of $1,445,833, Dank Burrito offers a business model with proven earning potential. (Read: How to Finance a Franchise Successfully This Year)
  • Comprehensive Support: From hands-on training in managing your restaurant to mastering cutting-edge systems and programs, Dank Burrito sets you up for success from day one.
  • Versatile Business Model: Whether you’re eyeing a bustling city center or a cozy suburban spot, Dank Burrito’s flexible store design adapts to various locations, maximizing your investment.
  • Strong Brand Identity: Dank Burrito stands out in a crowded market with its edgy branding and award-winning design. You’re not just selling food; you’re selling an experience.
  • Community and Culture: Join a community of “Danksters” who are as passionate about the food as the culture. With interiors that feature genuine graffiti art and ’90s hip-hop, you’re offering more than a meal; you’re offering a vibe.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: From dine-in, carry-out, and drive-thru to online ordering, 3rd-party delivery, catering, private events, gift cards, and merchandise, Dank Burrito offers a plethora of revenue streams to maximize your top-line sales.

So, are you ready to join the Dank Nation? Call (252) 385-2626, and let’s make your multi-unit ownership dreams come true with Dank Burrito! 🌯🎉

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