Being One of the Newest Franchises, “Don’t Make Us No Rookie!”

05 - 06 - 2023
Clarke Merrell

Who’s calling who a rookie?

Definition of Rookie: considered needing more training…

Let’s get real, just because we are one of the newest franchises to the franchising scene doesn’t make us any less awesome. I mean, come ON…they don’t make Rookie of the Year trophies for nothing.

You can’t even call our bold, exciting, robust entry into the franchising industry beginner’s luck. Luck had nothing to do with it. We’ve got mad skills, an awesome franchise system, hardcore support, and flavor bombs for days. And to top it off, our leadership team has a combined 100+ years in the restaurant industry. That’s why Dank is on the franchising map, among other completely cool and Dank things.  It takes a lot of work to become a franchisor. There isn’t anything “rookie” about it. Even the trendy franchises have put the work in.

Mad Skills that Set Us Apart

  • Did you know we are chef-inspired? Our founder went to a fancy schmancy culinary school – completed it with flying colors – and is now creating the most excellent, exciting, internationally inspired recipes to be enjoyed by Danksters everywhere.
  • The entirety of our team has created a franchise system that is on point! Thorough training, tons of support, a cool vibe, and a following already in place. What more could you ask for?

Startups are New to the Business

A startup, by definition, means that it is new However, we can’t necessarily say that all startups are rookies. There are awesome business owners and restaurateurs out there who consistently open and establish new brands. There are also steadfast established brands that continue to open corporate locations. For these companies, opening new locations is something they know well (non-rookie).

New startups, however, are a different story. For most, it is indeed their first rodeo, and they are figuring it out as they go. Maybe you are someone who finds this path appealing. Beginning a brand from scratch is a major accomplishment and there is no question that by the time your brand is established, you have learned a LOT. But that can take years and the cost is huge. Franchising is different.

Even though Dank Burrito is one of the newest franchises (and coolest, let’s not forget coolest!), we aren’t guessing what each day will look like. That’s what is so cool about creating a franchised brand, even the new ones have spent a substantial amount of time developing a system.

Even the Newest Franchises Have Been Around Awhile

Franchise systems take time to develop, if done correctly. Most concepts have been around awhile before they choose to franchise. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, it costs money to franchise your brand. Second, you need to be able to run your business with your eyes closed, in a way that is duplicatable, before you can even think about becoming a franchisor.

There’s a story about an older gentleman who spent his life as the founder and operator of a beloved pizza place. There wasn’t a single aspect of his business that he didn’t know, from his recipes to his inventory, to knowing the orders of his regular customers by heart. Everyone in town frequented his restaurant.  The problem was, all the information about his restaurant existed in his head. When it was time for him to retire, the business closed because no one knew how to duplicate what was in his head, and by that stage in his life, he didn’t want to franchise or teach what he knew. He wanted to take up golf!

A franchisor puts all that crucial information “down on paper” and into a system that is duplicatable. They develop an operations manual and training programs to teach new franchisees about buildout, recipes, marketing, inventory, payroll, and a million other things. This is why even new food franchises to open in 2023 are still a step ahead in the restaurant game because they had to have developed a system to follow. In no way is a franchisor a rookie, not even a new one.

The QSR Buzz is Helping Everyone Learn Together

Quick Service Restaurants are transforming before our very eyes, and in a good way. Industry eyes are on QSR brands and systems because they have gone from run of the mill, pre-pandemic, cookie cutter concepts, to digital, innovative, streamlined concepts post-pandemic. Exciting changes like these are easier to make system wide, or even within your own restaurant, when there is a system in place to adapt. In this time of transition, we’re all rookies per se, but in franchising we make the changes together. Thus, nobody feels like a rookie because there is so much systemwide support.

Dank Burrito Leads the Pack with Support

One thing we don’t do at Dank Burrito is leave our franchisees in the dust. If you’re one of us, then you are one of us. Our system is Dank! That’s code for totally duplicatable, with tons of support and guidance. Could we offer all of that if we were a rookie brand? Like, duh. Of course not.

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Clarke Merrell is the Executive Chef and Owner of several restaurants in North Carolina, including Dank Burrito Franchise, Circa 81 Tapas & Cockatileria, Beaufort Olive Oil Company, and Merrell Estate & Gardens.

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