We put the EX in Tex-Mex: We’ve Taken the Tex-Mex Franchise Model to the Extreme, and it’s the Bomb!

07 - 11 - 2022
Clarke Merrell

EX-treme. EX-citing. EX-cellently Dank.

Three different ways to say that Dank Burrito is a Tex-Mex franchise like no other, and if you are looking for an EX-ceptional franchise concept to sink your teeth, time, and heart into, there’s simply no other brand that does Tex-Mex and flavor like we do. That may sound a little cocky, but we truly believe that our franchise model is as EX-traordinary (okay, okay, we’ll stop with the EX-es, you get the point) as our flavor bombs. So, if you are even thinking of going into the Tex-Mex franchise biz, you gotta check us out.

About Tex-Mex

Before we get carried away with the Tex-Mex franchise category, let’s clarify. Is our food considered Tex-Mex? Some of it is for sure! But we push the limits, ya know? As a potential franchise owner, you should know that you can’t really put Dank Burrito solely in a “Tex-Mex” box, because we are more than that. Unbelievably, beautifully, deliciously more!

A Quick Look at the Food

We could go on and on about our menu, but instead we’ll give you a quick overview. What we really want to talk about today is the Dank Burrito franchise opportunity. We assume you’ve looked at our menu or tried our food, but in case you haven’t, check this out:

We offer:

  • Fresh to death ingredients – that means we prepare everything fresh EACH morning. You will not find a can of anything, or a pre-packaged frozen anything, or even a microwave to reheat anything. Fresh. Daily.
  • Flavor Bombs – our signature is written in our flavor combinations. Dank Burritos are stuffed to the max (like, totally!) with creative, chef-inspired flavors that burst through every bite.
  • Choices – as if burritos aren’t enough, we load our customers up with tacos, bowls, salads, desserts (you haven’t had a brownie until you’ve had a Dank brownie), and so much more.

That’s the short version of why our food is beyond anything you may have imagined as far as Tex-Mex franchise opportunities go.  If you are interested in learning more about what Dank Burrito’s food is all about, we’ll be more than happy to put you in touch with the chef.

Speaking of the chef…

Chef-Inspired Concept

A key-differentiator of the Dank Burrito Tex-Mex franchise opportunity is that we are a restaurant that began with a chef, not a restaurant that began with an idea, and then went looking for a chef. Our brand is chef-inspired. Simply put, we put the food first.

H2: A Helluva Franchise Model

Chef-inspired doesn’t mean, however, that our franchise concept, or the business side of things, isn’t on point. Dank Burrito is 100-percent an excellently and strategically developed franchise model, designed with future franchise owners in mind. We put our Dankest hearts and souls into this business, figuring out the tough parts so you don’t have to. Today, our franchise program runs like a well-oiled machine. Nobody knows our business like we do, and we can’t wait to show it to you.

We Do Edgy Better than Anyone

We are an edgy brand seeking franchisees who get what it is to be Dank. You need to know how we roll, care about good food and excellent service, and be willing to learn everything we have to teach you. We totally dig teaching our new franchisees how to build truly Dank businesses. If you decide you want to own a Dank Burrito Tex-Mex franchise of your own, you can count on:

All the Ways We Got You

  • It’s not a ton of money to get started compared to similar brands – we value you like we value our business and our customers
  • Excellent leadership and our commitment to the brand – to keep it evolving, keep it delicious, keep it Dank.
  • A recognizable brand to bring to your community (and create a Dank Nation of your own!)
  • Initial and ongoing training from day one. Come see us, learn the business. We’ll come to you too, when you need us, and we will always be a call or click away. Count on it.
  • Tech tools to run your restaurant smoothly, and we’ll show you how to use them for the front and back of house.
  •  A confidential owner’s manual that will blow your mind – yep, it’s that useful.
  • Marketing guidance to help you introduce yourself and maintain a local audience – through word of mouth will travel fast (once those mouths have tasted a Dank Burrito!)
  • Multiple revenue streams from varying day parts, gift cards, and awesome merch!

…and that’s just off the top of our heads.

Whaddaya Think?

Does this sound like you? We’re looking for financially qualified, driven individuals who love sharing food with other people. But man, you gotta understand who we are and what it means to be Dank. You gotta feel it. If you aren’t sure, then let’s sit down and talk it over. It’s a cool brand. We’re cool people. This might be the Dankest thing you’ve ever done for yourself. Become a Tex-Mex franchise owner with Dank Burrito.

Dank Burrito Founder Clarke Merrell

Clarke Merrell is the Executive Chef and Owner of several restaurants in North Carolina, including Dank Burrito Franchise, Circa 81 Tapas & Cockatileria, Beaufort Olive Oil Company, and Merrell Estate & Gardens.

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