A Celebration of Two Delicious Worlds: Why a Burrito Franchise is for You

01 - 02 - 2022
Clarke Merrell

From ancient civilizations to a $66 billion industry, burritos and franchises like Dank Burrito represent a delicious slice of culinary and entrepreneurial history.

Key points:

  • 📜 Ancient Origins: Burritos trace back to Mayan and Aztec civilizations in the 1500s, evolving from corn tortillas wrapped around food.
  • 🐴 Name Origins: “Burrito” combines Spanish for donkey (“burro”) and the diminutive suffix “-ito,” reflecting its capacity to carry various fillings.
  • 🇺🇸 U.S. Introduction: Burritos were popularized in the USA around the 1950s by Mexican migrant workers, expanding rapidly with the invention of the frozen burrito.
  • 📈 Franchise Popularity: The burrito franchise is booming, driven by demand for quick, versatile, and delicious meals, within a $66 billion Mexican restaurant industry.
  • 🌯 Dank Burrito Distinction: Offers unique, adventurous flavor combinations in a laid-back, graffiti-clad setting, standing out in the franchise market.
  • 🚀 Entrepreneurial Opportunity: Dank Burrito seeks franchise owners who embody its spirit, offering an exciting venture in the expanding burrito franchise landscape.

Ah, the burrito. You can stuff anything into that flour tortilla and it ends up being delicious, filling, and satisfying. Yet, have you wondered where that burrito came from, how it got to the US of A, and why the burrito franchise is more popular than ever? Buckle up, because we’re about to give you a history lesson. 

Where Did That Burrito Come From?

Burritos are so good, we could tell you that the gods of food delivered it to humankind themselves and you would believe us.

In truth, the origins are a little murky, but we can trace it back to the Mayan and Aztec civilizations in the 1500s. They would make corn tortillas using an alkaline solution, and sometimes other veggies such as squash. Then, these geniuses would wrap that tortilla around different types of food.

Think of this method as the common ancestor in the evolution of modern Mexican food. It gave birth to tacos, burritos, enchiladas, the list goes on and on. 

Why is it Called a Burrito?

When you look at a burrito franchise, you may ask yourself “what’s in the name?” Well, we need to break down the name first. The term burrito is a combination of two Spanish terms: “burro” and “-ito.” Burro means donkey, and “-ito” is a diminutive modifier added to words in Spanish to indicate that they’re smaller. So, burrito means “little donkey.” But why is it called that?  The last time we checked, we can’t think of any burritos that have donkey meat in them. 

Well, instead, think of one of the uses for a donkey. They can carry a lot of stuff on their backs. Meanwhile, a burrito can hold a lot of different foods. iQué bueno! Well, that’s one explanation for it, anyway. Another explanation says that the name comes from the blankets they would put on donkeys, which did resemble a flour tortilla. Well, whatever it is, we know one thing: it’s delicious. 

How Did The Burrito Come to the USA?

Who does the modern burrito franchise need to thank for the blessing of the burrito? Surprisingly, burritos were one of the last foods to come to the US from Mexico. They indeed saved the best for last! Burritos originated in the US around the 1950s. Your grandma may have lived in a time when there were no burritos. How sad.

Braceros, who were migrant workers from Mexico to Southern California, brought them there as a quick meal. What was just a cheap way to eat became a favorite for people in that region. 

In 1956, the frozen burrito was born thanks to Duane R. Roberts. Then, Burrito-mania ran wild in the US. 

Another way burritos were popularized was because of the Mission burrito, named after the San Francisco district of origin. These burritos were the modern oversized bad boys we know and love today. Later, the burrito franchise helped spread the modern burrito across the country. Hungry yet? 

The Burrito Franchise: a Winning Market Opportunity

Are you wanting to become a franchise owner? If so, a restaurant is not a bad move. Do you know what’s an even better move? Pursuing burrito franchise opportunities. 

People claim that Millennials like avocado toast, but the truth is that they love burritos. The average person from that generation eats up to three a week. After all, they’re cheap, delicious, and there are many ways to make them.

Another reason a burrito franchise is appealing?  Burritos are prepared fresh right in front of the customer in most cases. Speed of preparation and convenience along with our unique flavor combinations are a few things that sets us apart. Also, a burrito is convenient. People can munch on it practically anywhere. In today’s busy world, that’s a plus.

Need more proof that the burrito business is booming?  The Mexican restaurant industry in the US is a $66 billion behemoth.  Becoming a burrito franchise owner is one great way to be an entrepreneur.  And a yummy one at that.  We’re just hungry typing this out. Someone give us a big burrito, pronto. 

Dank Burrito is a Burrito Franchise That’s Rolling the Good Good

Are you on the hunt for burrito franchise opportunities and are unimpressed with what they offer? We don’t blame you. Burritos are yummy, but most concepts just offer the same basic flavors that have been around for decades. Basic proteins, veggies, and cheese

Don’t get us wrong. That’s delicious. But what if you want more variety and adventure? Then becoming a franchise owner of Dank Burrito is what you want.

Dank Burrito is at the cutting edge of reinventing the burrito. It’s come a long way since the Mayans first rolled up food in a corn tortilla. 

We offer out-of-this-world combinations that others don’t. Want a burrito with jerk chicken? We offer it. What about a burrito with Nashville hot chicken? Well, we’re not in Nashville (yet!) but we can make some mean hot chicken.

Our franchise is in a laid-back, graffiti-clad location. If you’re tired of the same type of burrito franchise with a sterile, uninspiring environment, becoming a franchise owner with us is just what the dank doctor ordered.

As a Dank Burrito franchise owner, you have the money, experience, and motivation to run one killer burrito joint. However, we want someone who can also capture our spirit. We look for people who are easygoing, fun, who can hire and lead a team and learn how to “roll the good good”

If you’re interested in this exciting opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact us. Don’t be shy; we’re open to anyone who has the capital, the experience, and the drive. We want to spread the dank, one franchise at a time. As an owner, you can be there to help us make our shared business growth dreams a reality.

Frequently Answer Questions

Where did burritos originate?

Burritos are believed to have originated in the Mayan and Aztec civilizations in the 1500s in Mexico. The common ancestor of modern Mexican food, the method involved wrapping food in a corn tortilla.

Why are they called burritos?

The term “burrito” comes from the Spanish word “burro,” meaning donkey, and “-ito,” a suffix indicating small size. One theory suggests that the name refers to the shape of the tortilla, which is similar to the blankets that donkeys wear. Another theory suggests that it is because burritos are similar to donkeys in that they can carry a lot of different items.

How did burritos come to the USA?

Burritos arrived in the US around the 1950s, brought by Mexican migrant workers called Braceros in Southern California. They became popular in the region as a quick and cheap meal. In 1956, the frozen burrito was invented, and burrito-mania spread throughout the US.

Why are burrito franchises so popular?

Burritos are appealing to franchise owners for several reasons. They are cheap, delicious, and can be made in various ways. Burrito franchises also offer a quick and convenient meal, as the burritos are often prepared right in front of the customers. The Mexican restaurant industry in the US is a $66 billion behemoth, making it a lucrative market for entrepreneurs.

What is Dank Burrito?

Dank Burrito is a burrito franchise that offers unique and adventurous combinations, such as jerk chicken and Nashville hot chicken burritos. Their franchise locations are in laid-back, graffiti-clad environments, making them stand out from other burrito franchises.

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