Dank Burrito Frequently Asked Questions

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    Dank Burrito Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Afford a Dank Burrito Franchise?

    The investment range for a Dank Burrito franchise is between $314,733 and $755,450. We’d recommend that franchise owners have at least $100,000 in liquid capital available.

    Take a closer look at the numbers for a Dank Burrito franchise opportunity on the Investment page.

    Am I the Right Person to Own a Dank Burrito Franchise
    Unfortunately, we can’t personally tell you that through a screen. But if you’re passionate about food (especially burritos!), you have experience in the restaurant industry at an assistant general manager or higher level, and you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd, we think you’d be a good fit!

    Some other recommended factors for potential Dank Burrito franchise owners would be a good credit score and having at least $100,000 available in liquid capital. Still have questions? Our Investment page covers the ideal Dank Burrito franchise owner in a bit more depth.

    Do I Need Experience in a Restaurant?
    We prefer franchise owners who have experience working in a restaurant at an assistant general manager or higher level. We won’t be throwing you in the deep end when you invest in a Dank Burrito restaurant franchise, but our training is best when it works off your prior knowledge and experience.

    You can learn more about the ideal Dank Burrito franchise owner on our Investment page.

    Why Should I Become a Franchise Owner?

    Why does anyone buy into a franchise? It starts with not having to create a brand and business from the ground up, which can require an insane amount of work and investment.

    With less trial and error than it takes to start from scratch, you can be handed an established business model with forecaseted EBITDA numbers, and a whole support and marketing team to ensure you get off to a strong start.

    Speaking of that team… Dank Burrito owners get comprehensive initial training to get up to speed, plus ongoing coaching and support. Does this mean we’ll nag you and not let you make your own decisions? Not at all. We’ll lay the foundation for you to make smart, independent choices about your Dank Burrito restaurant franchise – from there, you take the reins!

    What’s the Deal with Dank Burrito?

    Well, we began as a two-man team operating out of a food truck. Now, we’ve moved on to brick-and-mortar restaurants. The Dank Burrito brand has always been about bold flavor combinations and providing the dankest food possible to our fans.

    Cruise through our menu and you’ll see what we mean. Sure, we’ve got burritos, tacos, bowls, salads, kids’ stuff, even desserts. But options like cheesesteak? Pork belly?? Honey truffle buffalo chicken???

    Head over to our About page to hear the story of how Clarke and Robert founded Dank Burrito – and why they’re extending their beloved brand with burrito franchise opportunities.