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Booming Burritos: Why You Should Be Excited About Dank Burrito’s Flavor Bombs and The Dank Nation

Learn about the dope demand for all things Dank Burrito.

    Welcome To The Dank Nation

    Bowl cajun fried mahi

    Welcome To The Dank Nation

    Being bold and unique doesn’t mean you’ll be alone. If you invest in a Dank Burrito franchise, we’ll always have your back. Independence? Totally! But you’ll also receive support and coaching from our team of franchise restaurant pros.

    This is our Dank Burrito restaurant support system. Designed to help you become a strong franchise owner, it can take you from your first steps to your grand opening and beyond. Let’s jump right in!

    Our Concept Is Versatile

    Sometimes size matters. Our team has created and operates various size Dank Burrito locations. We’ve totally customized second-gen existing buildings, converted old warehouse space, anchored strip centers and roamed the streets in our unmistakable Dank Burrito food truck. We are pros at operating in any size space, and the Dank Burrito franchise concept can work in a variety of spaces. Downtown, urban and high rent? Let’s go smaller! Suburbia and full of soccer moms? We have room to park that Yukon XL. Our team will help you customize the details so you can maximize the benefits.

    What are you interested in? Something huge or more compact? Let’s talk. Possible combinations for your location include anything from take-out only to dine-in with a drive-thru.

    Bowl cajun fried mahi

    The Dank Burrito Support System

    We are ready for you! We’ve worked hard to make sure that every step of the Dank Burrito franchise opportunities is straightforward and understandable. Just look at this dank support system we’ve created.

    Site Selection

    Our support helps you choose the best location for your burrito franchise. We’ll aim to perfectly match you and the surrounding community of Danksters. Then? Site visits, the Letter of Intent, and negotiating with landlords. Site selection is now complete!


    Next? Building your Dank Burrito dream. This is where we get physical! Get ready to get into the bold and expressive vibes of a fully branded Dank Burrito location. Need help with contractor recommendations or checking over the details on-site? Our team is just a call away.

    Initial Training

    Your restaurant experience combined with our training will kickstart the Dank energy in your leadership team. We’ll make sure you’re down with the basics, from creating our flavor bombs (burritos, tacos, bowls and more) to managing your Burrito Mafia (your hardworking employees!). Our comprehensive training will get you ready for independent decisions as a new Dank Burrito franchise owner.


    We’re incredibly proud of our brand. We’ve got a pretty signature voice, and we love using it. We’ll help you use it too, for more traditional marketing and for boosting online visibility. We’ll prepare you for getting the word out about your new burrito restaurant and share tips to attract Danksters to your location. Together we are #rollingthegoodgood.


    This is it. When you open the doors to your new Dank Burrito restaurant, we’ll be on hand to help out. With your comprehensive training for you and your energetic Burrito Mafia, you’ll be ready to start serving flavor bombs to the Dank Nation in your neighborhood!


    We’re with you for the long haul. Your Dank Burrito franchise will be up and running, and we’re right behind you – here when you need coaching, ready to listen to your cool ideas, and committed to helping you make your burrito restaurant franchise as dank as possible.

    Ready to hear more? Let’s talk.